Once upon a time there was a old man taking a walk around a big green field and while he was walking he saw a well so he walked towards it and looked in side it there were no water so he tost a gold coin in the well suddenly the well started talking the old man was shocked that the well can talk. Than the well 

said “hello are you the one that awoken me”said the well confusingly 

“Yes,” the man said.

Then the magic well said “if you get me four special things  then you’ll get 3 wishes”

 said the well.


Then the man agreed with the well and went off looking for some special thing for the well but the only problem was that the old man was homeless. So it was hard to find special things for the well until he found some boxes laying on the ground by an alleyway. So the man went and took a look at what was in the boxes and he found a rusty gold trophy in one of the boxes. Then he said to himself “Yes, my first item”!.


Then he looked in the other boxes and there was nothing special in them so he keeped on looking in different places until he stumbled upon an abandoned garage. So he opened the garage door and took a short tour around. 


While he was taking a tour he found a treasure box with a gold crown and an antic pirate coat. He thought wisly of selling the golden crown but he thought that the money he’s going to get wasn’t going to be  enough to buy everything he wanted. So he kept what he found for the magic well. And he kept on looking for anything special .


After that he closed the door and left the abandoned garage and went off.After a while it was night time so the old man was tired so he went back to the abandoned garage and slept there.The next morning he got up and left the garage.


While the old man was looking around some rusty buckets then a dog ran to the old man giving him a shock. The old man looked at the dog And saw that he had a gold badge on his collar so he took it off the dog’s neck and ran off as fast as he could until he was tired.


The old man said to himself “finally” he stated running back to the magic well and then he said “Hello magic well i’ve gotten your special things”    the old man said happily then the said let me look at them before i give you 3 wishes the magic well said “Thank you very much” then the magic well gave the old man his three wishes. His first wish was to be rich. He wished that every poor human could get what they wanted.

 Then the man used his last wish to give the dog another color but all gold.n for his last wish he wished to give the dog its collar but all gold.THE END

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