Day: May 5, 2023

The Five Food Groups

This week for Inquiry we learnt about the five food groups.

First our teacher told us what to do for our task.

Then I went off to start the task.First I research the vitamins for each food groups and wrote it in there own boxes.

Next I add more Info to each one and a image.


Lasttly I showed my teacher before I bloged it.I did good at sorting each boxes.I need to approve more on  adding more info.I enjoyed learning about the five food groups

Procedural Text

This week for writing we learnt about Procedural Text and what it means.

First our teacher explained to us what is a Procedural Text on the mat before we go off and start our task.

Next she told us Procedural Text needs to include bossy verbs for example GRAB the jam.

Then we went off to do our task first I started creating my flow chart before I put in the step, tittle, material & ingredients.


Lastly I finished the task and went to show the teacher before I bloged it.

I did good at adding the step in the flow chart.I need to approve more on being pacific on adding the steps.