Planning a Narrative

For writing this week we learnt how to plan a Narrative using the  Story elements.

First I had to sort out the character traits between the Physical Traits

Then I had to make a copy of the basic narrative plan.  Then Begin planing a narrative using the five story elements.

Lastly I finished it and then I had to make a Google drawing about the setting I have written in my narrative plan.

I did good at sorting my traits but what I need to approve on more is add more detail when ever I plan a narrative using the 5 story elements.

I enjoyed doing this task because it was interesting.


LI: To plan a narrative


1 Who is in your story?

Give a brief character description of each character, their character traits and physical traits.

Red riding hood – grandma – hunter – wolf.
2 Where are they?

(Country? Continent? City?)

When is this taking place? (era / year / season)

Forest – grandma’s cottage.

3 Key locations

(landscapes, buildings)

Panmure Bridge School – Forest
4 What is a special thing your character can do? Hunter – he can hunt down wild and dangerous animals. 
5 What is the problem?

(the main problem that your main character has to overcome)

The problem is that the wolf is trying to eat little red riding hood.
6 Key points of conflict
  • Red riding hood traveling the forest to deliver something for her grandma.
  • The wolf tries to find a way to eat red riding hood.
7 How does your character feel? Beginning – Happy

Middle – Strange

End – Scarred – Happy

8 How was the problem fixed? A hunter came into grandma’s cottage after hearing red riding hood cry for help.


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