Month: August 2023

Changing Matter

This week for reading we learnt about the importance of matter.

First we had to answer the following questions before I had to read the text read the text “Changing Matter”.  Then I had to answer the questions at the end of the text then I had to come back to these slides and work through them one by one.

Then I had to use the vocabulary in the word bank to answer the questions.  And when I was almost done I had to answer an  COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS.

Lastly I had to create a DLO that shows and explains “Changing Matter”. 

I approve answering the questions. I need to approve adding detail.

I enjoyed making the DLO at the end.

Personal Space

Today for PB4L we were discussing about personal space.

First we discussed about how some people feel about some invading thier bubble and also about other places that you need and can give personal space to others.

Then  we had to make a DLO of the following :

Create a list of spaces that we would need to be considerate of others in.

Make a catchy jingle or poem that encourages perosnal space

Lastly I showed my teacher then bloged it.

I approve on making this DLO but what I didn’t do good at was adding more detail.

I enjoyed making this because I could design the DLO how I liked it.

HPE swimming

Yesterday for HPE we went swimming.

first we had to get everying to be perpared for school.  after that we went to the hall to wait with the LS2 for the bus.

Then we arivved at the pools, before we put our swimming bags away we had to get changed then we went into our groups and then and swimming teachers started teaching ways to swim.

Lastly we were finished then got our bags and changed before we got on the bus and went back to school.

I did good at was listening to my swimming teacher. What I didn’t do good at was swimming.

I enjoyed it because I like swimming.

Extra work – Basic facts

This week we had to fill in our must do list to 120 so im bloging this extra piece of work.

I did good at answering the question but what I didn’t do good at was doning times and subtractions.

I enjoyed it because it was to do with maths.

Aztec Attack – Response to text

This week we did reading about the Aztecs.

First we had to highlight the words on a google doc.  After that we had to read the whole story.

Then we had to make a copy of the response to texts slides and answer each question on every slides.

Lastly I hat to make a scene from the story on a DLO then put in on the slides.

I did good at making my DLO on the scene but what I didn’t do good at was answering the questions on the slides.

I enjoyed it because it involved creating a scene from the story.

Never Stop Recycling

Today we did PB4L.

First we had to contriubute to a jamboard having to answer all the questions.

Then when I was done I had to create a DLO of recycling.

Lastly I was done with my DLO and moved on to makeing a thank you DLO to Whaea Hera for all her hard work.I did good at answering the questions on then jam board.  And what I need to approve more on is adding more info/detail to the DLO I made of recycling.

I enjoyed this task because it involved recycling.


This week for maths we learnt about co-ordinates.

First using the map of the Auckland Zoo I had to find the following places and write their co-ordinates.  Then we locate the position by reading the x co ordinates then the y co ordinates (x , y).

Then I had to make a map of my own using the boxes below I had to make a map similar to the Auckland Zoo. Then fill in the X  axis (letters) and Y axis (number). And I needed to fill in my objects in the section below and find the coordinates for these objects.


Observation Template

This week for inquiry we did a experience that we had to observe.

First we had to contribute to a document which called – Observation Template just to do the purpose, Materials, Procedure & lastly Hypothesis

Then we started the experience. First our teacher put us in group and she said we had to take turns so one person from our group went to grab a paper and a pen and then a jar, spoon, rasins & cashews.

Lastly our teacher pour sprite into our jar and and told us to put one rainsin then all of them.  And then we had to observe what si happening one the pieace of paper and then the one cashew we had to put in then we had to put all the cashew in.  After that we observed whats happening.

I did good at observeing but what I didn’t do good at was adding detail to my observing paper.

I enjoyed it because it was science.