Day: August 18, 2023

HPE swimming

Yesterday for HPE we went swimming.

first we had to get everying to be perpared for school.  after that we went to the hall to wait with the LS2 for the bus.

Then we arivved at the pools, before we put our swimming bags away we had to get changed then we went into our groups and then and swimming teachers started teaching ways to swim.

Lastly we were finished then got our bags and changed before we got on the bus and went back to school.

I did good at was listening to my swimming teacher. What I didn’t do good at was swimming.

I enjoyed it because I like swimming.

Extra work – Basic facts

This week we had to fill in our must do list to 120 so im bloging this extra piece of work.

I did good at answering the question but what I didn’t do good at was doning times and subtractions.

I enjoyed it because it was to do with maths.

Aztec Attack – Response to text

This week we did reading about the Aztecs.

First we had to highlight the words on a google doc.  After that we had to read the whole story.

Then we had to make a copy of the response to texts slides and answer each question on every slides.

Lastly I hat to make a scene from the story on a DLO then put in on the slides.

I did good at making my DLO on the scene but what I didn’t do good at was answering the questions on the slides.

I enjoyed it because it involved creating a scene from the story.