Term 3 Review

In LS1, this term was filled with thrilling things like swimming & the canopy opening.

Thinking back on the final few months, I’m so happy when we have swimming every single thursday.

I’ve been busy working with all different  subjects, but the top bit about Term 3 for me was scientist because we had to observe our jar of dancing raisins. 


When it comes to reading, my favourite text I read was “super salmon” and what I most enjoyed reading was SACAWACing  words certainly from our spelling list and some ones that aren’t on our spelling list.


Writing was super fun, especially when I got to write my speech about the topic I picked.

My favourite task in writing this term was basic narrative elements because I had to make my own DLO about it.


In Maths, I especially enjoyed when we learnt about written algorithms because of the strategy we had to use to answer equations. 


For our special Inquiry experiments, I really enjoyed observing a jar of dancing raisins because we had to make the jar of dancing raisins are selfs.


In P.E. (Physical Education), I had a blast participating in swimming because I learnt how to float & use scaling hands.


But you know what? I also discovered some areas where I can get even better.  Like in reading I can get better at reading at higher levels.

While I loved writing, I’ve noticed I need to work on speech writing.

Maths was interesting, but I want to get better at my times table.

In our special projects, I realised I need to work on observing the little details as well.

In P.E I think I could improve on is sportsmanship towards others.


Looking forward to the next term, I’m excited about the film festival.


To sum it up, this term was busy because of the things that needed to be done, and I’m thankful for good things that happened.

Thinking about what I liked and what I can improve helps me understand more things.

I can’t wait to see what the next term brings, and I’m ready to learn.

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