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For writing my group and I were learning idioms similes hyperbole aswell.

Fisrt we explained what is Idioms toagather on the mat.

Then we went off and make a DLO or a google slide explaning what idiom means.

Lastly I was done making my google slide explaning what idioms mean.

I was doing good on making idioms myself but I did not do good on explaning lots about a topic.

But I enjoyed coming up with some idioms.

I can see So I can infer

This week I learned about I can see So I can infer.

I can see is something that you can see with your own eyes. I can infer is something that you describe about.

First I had to look closly into the first image. I had to write what I need to infer about it. For example :

Next I had to put what I can see on the opposite side on the document.

Lastly  I had to show the experts in my class then I showed my teachers.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at looking closly. I need to improve on writing more I can see so I can infer.

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