Observation Template

This week for inquiry we did a experience that we had to observe.

First we had to contribute to a document which called – Observation Template just to do the purpose, Materials, Procedure & lastly Hypothesis

Then we started the experience. First our teacher put us in group and she said we had to take turns so one person from our group went to grab a paper and a pen and then a jar, spoon, rasins & cashews.

Lastly our teacher pour sprite into our jar and and told us to put one rainsin then all of them.  And then we had to observe what si happening one the pieace of paper and then the one cashew we had to put in then we had to put all the cashew in.  After that we observed whats happening.

I did good at observeing but what I didn’t do good at was adding detail to my observing paper.

I enjoyed it because it was science.


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