Year: 2023


Today for one of our blocks we were doing SLJ activities and activitie was to make ou own super hero.

First thing we did was register before starting the task.

Then we were done we had to make a DLO and list all the things thta our super hero has and use a site called craiyon to make our super hero after listing everything.

Lastly we had to make a DLO info about our super hero and the picture of our super hero then we had to blog it.

I did good at making my super hero but I need to approve on writting better info.

I enjoyed it becuase I got to make my own super hero.

A letter to santa

For writting this week we are writing a letter to santa clause.

First thing was to make a copy of a DLO and ahd to incude to following:

  • Date
  • Salutation/Greetings
  • Acknowledge santa
  • Show excitement
  • Mention efforts to be good
  • Give examples
  • Wish list
  • Wish santa a jold holiday.

Lastly we had to blog it.

I did good at doing the design but I need to work on writing a letter.

I enjoyed it because I love christams.

Supply and Demand

This for reading we have been learning the meanings of supply and demand.

First thing was to read the book about supply and demand before answering and quiz and the end.

Then when we got to the questions after the quizs there was twelve questions in total to answer.

Lastly I finished answering it the end up blogging it.

I did good at reading the book but I didn’t do good at answering the questions.

I enjoyed it because It had a quiz at the end of the book.

My Pecil holder

For inquiry this week we are making pencil holder to sell at the gala:

What is the purpose of this?

  • It can help you collect your pens/pencils.
  • When you need a pen/pencil it’s in the pencil holder.
  • Can help people with certain issues.


We made two groups of students that wanted to use a can and the other group using paper rolls.  But before we did any of that we had to finish with our designs each student did on their chromebooks.  Then when we started each person chose to print their designs or just make one out of the materials we had.  My friend and I made a panther because he really liked panthers but added some gold washi tape on the top and some texture paper at the bottom and the inside and there we have our own pencil holder.

Materials we used:

  • Cans/Pringle cans
  • Double sided tape
  • Coloured paper
  • Texture paper
  • Washi tapes
  • Paper rolls
  • Designs
  • Felt 


Inter Schools

This term for PE we went to inter schools we had to get to school before 2:15 because we have to get changed in to our unifroms before watting for bus then getting on.

f from one of our teacher that brought it in her car.

Then walked to a spot were we set up our tent and mat while some older kids and teahcers wrere doing it the rest of the sturdents were looking at the other schools practicing for some of there events.

After setting up and haveing a snack each student got called for there events they were in it kind of took a while for me and my partner to get started we both went to discus and it was ok. But we had to get a discus and one by one we walk into a net surrounding the person they after they throw they walk out through the back.

Lastly aftter our block was done we had a snack while the some other people still had some events  while we had a snack.  And when we were all done with the finals we packed and left back to school.

I did good at discus but I need to work on sprinting if I wanted to make it in.

I enjoyed PE because I liked high jump.

Subtracting decimals

Today for maths we have been learning how to subtract decimals.

First we had to answer eleven questions on a paper sheet some of them was addition but most of them was subtraction.

Then we had to make a DLO explaing how to subtract decimals.

Laslty we had to finish is before the block is done and blog it.

I did good at giving an example but I need to approve on explaing it and giving more detail better.

I enjoyed it because I like subtracting.


This term for PE we been learning how to sprint, shot put, discus and high jump.

First thing we did was learnt to sprint first we had to get in a lane girls first then the boys behind going after then they run then come back for the boys to run in each lanes there was 2 – 3 students in each then we did the first 3 girls before the 3 fast boys before they all race each other.

Then days later we learnt to do shot put just holding a metal ball by our neck before, the girls use the blue ball and the boys use the green ball the coach only picked the top 2 of the boys group and the girls group.

Next days we learnt to do discus. First we had to hold it like a claw but the middle and the thumb should we the tightest theb before we throw we flip it over.

Lastly we did high jumps after it was so hard for me but really that was the one I liked the most first we run straight then curve before jumping lefting up your legs and landing on your back.

I did good at discus and shot put but I need to work on sprinting and high jump.

I enjoyed PE because I liked high jump.

Health & Body Research

This week for reading we had to pick a topic to right about and it could be any topic.

First we were discussing what topic each persons topic.

Then we had to reasearch info about our topic I picked Health and Body because its one of the most important priority.

Lastly we got in each groups presenting our slides but just presenting small bits of each slide.

I did good at making this slides but I need to approve more on adding detail.

I enjoyed it becasue I learnt more about the brain.


Te Reo T4 W6

This week for Te Reo we been translating.

I approved on translating the words to maori to english but I need to approve on my te reo maori.

I enjoyed this task because I like translating words.


 PBS LS1 T4 W6 2023

He aha te ra? = Raapa 

He aha te huarere? = Komaru

Kei te pehea koe? = ke te pai


Titiro ki nga ataata:  (Look at the videos) Revision – Homai


Do you remember these kupu? 


Roto = In Raro = Down

Runga = up Waho = Out

Waenganui = Middle Mua = Before/Front

Muri = Later/Behind  Maui = Left

Matau = Right         Tēnei = Here

Tēna = That/There Tēra = Way over there


Look carefully at the sentences – note the differences and their meanings

Kei hea te ..         Where is the

Kei hea tō .. Where is your …. (one person)

Kei hea ō … Where are your   (plural) 


Use Maori Dictionary to fill in the gaps


Kei hea tō turu? = Where is your seat?          

Kei roto i te hōro = In the hall

Kei hea ō pukapuka? = Where are the books?

Kei roto i te tepu = Its In the table

Kei hea tō pene rakau? = Where is your pencil

Kei runga i te turu = its on the table

Kei hea ō ? = Where are your shoes?

Kei waho = Outside

Choose 3 of these sentences to illustrate on a poster. (see example)




Attribute an image

This week for cybersmart we had to attrbute four images.

First I had to find four images that you might use for a blog post, Digital Learning Object or presentation.Drag and drop each image into the slides that have been created (slides 6-9).

Then I had to add the following:

Image Title: linked to image source

Author Name

License Type: linked to license 

I need to approve on is attributing better images But I did good at attributing them.

I enjoyed it because I like cybersmarts.