Moari Gods

This week for inquiry learnt about the maori gods.

First I had to reasearch and after my researching using the resources provided I had to complete the tasks on each slide individually.  On Slide 11, I had to create something of the following as I can have 2- 3 people helping me.

Then I had to answer a KWL chart.

what I know already about Ngā Ātua Māori. What I want to know about Ngā Ātua Māori?  And lastly After I complted my project, what have I learned?

Lastly I had to make a copy of a task and relink it when I have completed it.  The task was to place the different pictures/Names with their correct Māori Ātua.  The I had to answer a story comprehension adn lastly I had to make a DLO.

I approve on answering the questions but I didn’t approve on was finishing the slides faster.

I enjoyed it because I had to make a DLO at the end.


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